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Sherman Filterbank 2

Sherman Filterbank 2 Combinator Backdrop : Download
Filtering transforms a sound and gives it character and voice. Filters are all a bit different which is why synths have their own particular sound. Filters have been a basic sonic tool since the days of Hendrix, and since forming a core part of the sound of Funk have remained a basic weapon in the "Dance" production armoury. When the sonic sensibilities of Techno began to spread to other areas of music, manufacturers soon realised there was a huge potential market for stand-alone filters.The Sherman Filterbank 2 represents the next evolutionary step of the hugely successful Sherman Filterbank! What we originally had was a basic synth without the oscillators, allowing you to process your flat and lifeless sounds into dangerous roaring crunchy performances. The "2" is essentially the same but with an improved spec, and the kind of modular flexibility that will keep you tweaking for months.


Dave Smith Instruments : Prophet '08 Special Edition

Prophet '08 Special Edition Combinator Backdrop : Download
"The year 2008 marks 30 years of great Dave Smith-designed synthesizers. To celebrate, we're offering the Prophet '08 Special Edition. In addition to the standard Prophet '08 features, the Special Edition includes red lighted wheels, exotic leopardwood end panels, and a special commemorative overlay signed by Dave. "


Electro Harmonix : Flanger Hoax

Flanger Hoax Combinator Backdrop : Download

Is this a radical "over the top" EH unit that allows users to invent new modulation combinations? Or is it an EH HOAX?


Line6 : POD XT Pro

POD XT Pro Combinator Backdrop : Download

"The award-winning PODXT Pro has become an industry standard for one reason: Your guitar parts will sound better than ever"


Clavia Nord Wave

Nord Wave Combinator Backdrop : Download

You might get the impression you are looking at a regular analog style synthesizer. Nothing could be more right nothing could be more wrong. Based on a legacy of inventing virtual analog synthesizers for almost 15 years, Clavia takes the next generation of lead synthesizers to the next level. The Nord Wave gives you traditional analog sounds that interact and coexist with pretty much anything you want; by combining analog, FM-synthesis, wavetable and sampled waveforms you can use literally any standard wave file it is a standard sample player and an analog synthesizer and so much more in between!


Moog : Moogerfooger

Moogerfooger Combinator Backdrop : Download